Friction Hitches

Is a simple application of the fascinating principles of knotting


hitch.jpg   half-hitch.jpg anchor hitch.jpg 

The difference betwixt a hitch and half hitch can get blurry in a lacing, but here is plain.  Each has a stopper knot properly, the half hitch's is just easier to see.  Simply Taking a Round Turn on the mount, then folding the same way as half hitch gives the real deal, the Anchor Hitch, Round Turn strategies are always better!  This doubled half hitch should be called a full hitch, but we already have a 'Hitch' so that would be confusing (even more so!).  The Anchor is a dependable, self trap of a Round Turn sitting on it's own tail.  Very clean and simple, positive lock!

farmers noose.jpg  barrel hitch2.jpg  barrel wrong.jpg

A Farmer's Noose is just an OverHand Knot around the Standing End after capturing the mount.  This upgraded with the Round Turn again, and made the same way gives a Barrel or Double Fisherman's; really an Anchor Hitch to the Standing End to form an eye in the end of the line.  Either should be made so that the Working Tail that laces the hitch finishes in the same direction of lay to the pull of the load.  So that both ends exit the lacing together in the same direction like a Cow/Girth/Choke, so that the load pull pulls the tail tighter.  The ends should not pull in the opposite directions (like in backwards drawing); exiting together like Clove etc. that walk, for the working load pull now loosens the tail as it pulls, for now the tighten in opposite directions.

barrel 4 coil.jpg  blakes upside down.jpg

Different versions can be made, here is like a 4 coil barrel!  Dropping the last 2 coils that the tail finally laces thru (but keeping 4 total) gives kinda an upside down Blakes.  We still finish with a stopper, as with other open end strategies.


Knots are pictured loose, always Tie, Dress, Set (and Inspect) your knot lacings.      Disclaimer

  barrel eyelets for cords.png



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