Friction Hitches


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Bent Line Applications

3 Pulley Positions

Climber Lift

Cut Style Torque

Arms as Bent Line in Iron Cross

Efficient Force Use

Double Leverage Tie Down

DWT Loads

Intense Sweating Line In

Leveraging Lanyard

Leveraging Line Safety Zones

Parbuckle Loading

Which Tie Down?

Open Closed Systems

Tighten or Really Tighten

Pivot Tilt

Torque Theory turned on side

Line Levraging

Explain Line Angle


Self Torquing Pull

Leveraged Bend

Mayhem Easy Transitions

Self Torquing Solution

Test Torque Ideas

Torque off Trailer

3:1 Frictional Lowering

Anchor Loads

Another View of Torque

Branch rigging

Cut Style Leverage

Cut Style Severae Rope Angle

Different Lacings

DWT Graph

DWT Direction Pull

Farmer Snubber

First Leverage Page

High Line Placement

Leg On Load

Leveraged bend on Tree

Leveraging Links

Lifting Strategies

Line Support Choice

More Line Redirects

Positions of Pull

Rescue Puzzle 1 option 2b

Rescue Puzzle 2 Guess 3

Rescue Puzzle

Rope Bend

Rope Mounts

Self Tightening

Self Tightening Rig

Setting Rig

SRT Support Options

High Pull

Using Self Tightening Torque

Bent Rope and Wood Fiber


Arched Force in Gymnastics

Gymnastics Lessons

Leg on Load

Lacing over Top

arch input

Tensioned Pulls of Hitches Around Mount




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