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  "Rubbing that Arm on Break" - Art Martin's pictures of himself from a different time.  Posted in the collection of Ancient Redwood  Logging Pictures at ......... (click)

   Then, there was this Rotax man, that sent in this picture of a V8 block stripped to another forum, and said "fellas; I'm gonna build the baddest chainsaw ever; we're even gonna call it the 'Predator'".  And slowly a list of pictures started over time of the home-pro milling and mechanics; some help, some comments; some harrassmeant; some beer; "Are ya done yet?"  included.  i mean the sheriff of the forum is called 'Jokers'....  Then, suddenly it was done, on TV, winning awards!  Who's laughing now?  

Predator Vid. Now, that's a Saw! rotax and predator by rog barnett.jpg


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