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Hopefully, all the pages here are good to a concerned climber, but especially  Disclaimer

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Guys on boards are serious about safety, heck ask that MikeMaas Character about this one : Download File

So much to pick up on the boards, the folks just have to have a good time with it, to keep going...  So if your climbing or thinking about it, wondering about it etc. yea can't do better than the forums to let ya know what is up... or where to look, what's new etc.:

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When i do 'steal' something off the boards, i do at least try to credit the author.  This is one of Vertical Pro's / Dave Spenscer's science and art.  Showing lots of pre-thought chess moves rolling smoothly to another target; another important point to the overall rigging assembly of strategies- the transitions smooth and efficient from one unit to the next.

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And one of mine, showing a bent speedline at first, to give almost 2/1 power to pull branch around from over obstacle, or just wrong side, until line straightens out, then limb slides down the 'gravity bender'/speedline to deliver to the ground.  Less carrying and cleanup! 

Climbing is Fascinating work that few get to see; here are pictures of all this in progress:

Then there is Graeme, with his buddy here; 'Scotty'; that offers .mpeg's of climbing antics at: ;

Beam me up Scotty!

Some very sharp tree service pictures and ideas are at Mario Vaden's Tree Repair Gallery




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