Friction Hitches

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2 Pulls from 1 Lean

Add Kerf to make Swing Dutchy

Add Kerf to Make Swing Dutchy 2

Hinge Adjustment Choices

Allowing Nature to Hinge

Reverse Theory for Backward Felling

Balance of Power

Balance of Tree

Balanced Compression

Balanced Forces

Balanced Mechanics

Balanced Pulls on Pivot

Baasic Hinge Strategy Choice

Blocking on Super Hinge

C- Drop Stump

Other Job

Chainsaw Cutz

Compression Importance

Construction Forensics

Construction Area

Deep Hinge

Do Not Do

Don't Pay for NonSupporting Fibers

Drop Face

Dutch Face Interuption

Dutchman face

Dutch Step

Dutchman's Forces

Following Nature

Force Triangulation

Forcing Stronger Hinge

Forcing Stronger Hinge - 2

Gunning Point Focus

Hinge and Lean Pull

Hinge & Face Machines

Hinge Intro

Hinge per Lean Choices

Hinge Pull BreakDown

Hinge Pull

Hinge Support Model

Hinge Tension

Hinge w/Dutch

Hinge with Dutch step


Hinge Balance

Hinge Look

Holding Wood

Horizontal Limbs Hinging

Importance of Taper Shape

Let's go Dutch

Leveraged Rear Fiber

Lever Balance

Lift Back to Remove

Mechanical Fuse

More Actual- Not as Levraged

More Actual

More Lean

Murph Construction Hinge

Murph's Hinge Analysis

Natural Balance

No Pro Hinges

Old Dutch Drawings

Older Shots

Pivotal Importance

PivotAll Importance

Pulls on Hinge

Reverse Stump Cut

Reverse Stump Cut -A

Rig Hinging

Rigging Swing Dutchy

Setting Restriction by Pulls

SilverBlue's Stump Picture

Some Strength Forced

Stacked Resistance

Superior support

Support Model

Sweep Versus Fall-1

Sweep Versus Fall

Tapered Hinge-More Leverage

Tapered Leverage

Easy Fold

Tree to Hinge Stress


Try to Explain

Another Explanation

Weak Joint Support

Weak Removal

Weak Rope & Control in Hinges

Wedge Bucking Forces

Wide Hinge for Side Lean

Yellow Dawg Stump



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