Friction Hitches

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Arbormaster Rigging Program

           Spreadsheet i made of rigging software outputs


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Another type of readout from the ArborMaster/Sherrill Calculator

Basic Knots

Crossed Turn Routes

Ossel vs. Cow

Clove vs. Prusik

Jacked Bowline

False Crotch, Remote, retrievable

Half Hitch, Running Bowline

Jacked Bowline

Knot Differances

Knot Differances 2

Retrieveable Bowline Anchor

Slip Knot Bowline


Friction Hitches and Climbing


19' Lanyard

FH Twists Compared

Foins Carabiner

Frenchy Base

Graeme and Scotty (Beam Me Up)

Lanyard Setup

VT More Thoughts

VT Rack

VT Thoughts




Parbuckle 2:1 rolling lift for loading of logs