Friction Hitches








Warning:   This is getting far into theory of using powerful forces to maximum.  This strategy uses Dutchman Forces in an early closing of the Face on 1 side; that legend and lore has warned against; so is for discussion purposes only...  Disclaimer 


Please Re-view the Barber Chair Warning below; to see the type of push back force, and how it can go wrong:    



This is 1 way those pushes can be carefully used to the good; and safer by pushing only on one side of face,  and offering other as releif.  There are so many warnings against any type of Dutchman; i present these in felling imagery for clarity; but use in lighter duty-climbing:



Some duplications in this next single one; as i try to find right words for these concepts 

And in Climbing:



This was an extreme lean forward and to side, or this Faceless/ Kerf only felling exhibition (not safe felling, only showing force theory; to show it can be applied other places.



Slightly off topic of pushes in face; but this shows how a full-open face can be cut from just slanting the top cut