Playing with adds



(above changes when you pass over it, changes back when you draw mouse away; click to go to site)


For same guy as "Margay"; each of the yellow text buttons functions; see also WHS - small site


(wow, 2 that nuthin don't move/change!)





 Below is older set




This vector drawn animation takes 42k for it's file; if you blow it up 10x; it still takes the same file size.

If you right click it, you can zoom in many times, and find no loss of definition or color.  Especially if you pick one of the richest colored flowers that has a butterfly passing over it...


This single still shot of 1 moment of the above animation takes ~32k of file space, takes more file space if enlarged;

at a loss of quality and color.


This is 13k; i don't have links enabled etc.




2k; more attention than a 20k picture.  The yellow background in center gives the optical illusion that the changes in light gradients perpetuate across it, but they do not.  The changing light in the red is orbiting, the light is moving vertically inside the Green TB.  i think eye confusion is also given by them both moving opposite of our learned preference.  i set the red gradient to orbit counterclockwise, as the green vertical bands of light move the opposite direction we read.