Friction Hitches  



Intro-(1meg)Lots of pix, not dialup friendly!

Base Module (230k)

Same as above, dialup version (92k) (3 less pictures)

Additional Scenes in Progress(52k)

A Chainsaw is the most dangerous hand tool you can easily buy anywhere without being questioned; requires no liscence.

The last component to add/ install on a ChainSaw; is the most important-


Thump- Thump; the heartbeat of a Chainsaw!


Some of the olde saws that caught my eye at Mange's Collector's Site for possible use:

(already now included, still surveying more!)

Lewis Brander - 2 man saw

Darrin's old Bow saw with bumper spike

Marshal Trover's remanufactured old bow saw

Marshal Trover

Nico Henken's 2 man saw

Nico Henkins olde reciprocating saw

Karl-Arne Anderson's





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