Disclaimer -Unfinished Werk; but is at some 'showable' level of evolution (hopefully)!   For feedback before placing on menu, forum links etc. ; for more safety, accuracy; fuller view for the interested.

Other Flash animations: Forcing Support for hinging; some Playing Around Learning about Flash drawing and animation




6-10-5 Mystical traveler, Greenman, TreeSeer (Guy), Wiseman something??? can animate to inform public etc.

of tree issues as wise ol'



6-10-5 Nailing leveraged force







Mayhem Choke 6-2-5:



Pulley 5-15:

Right clicking any point in animation gives menu, zoom command zooms in.  Zooming in on pulley will allow to see much more detail (no color loss etc.) like the rating on carabineer, lighting and shadowing changes as the gate opens etc.  You can zoom in/out several layers; Show All command puts back to normal view.






5-8 Friction in closed system







Only a kerf under severe sideward lean, and small path on other side-demonstration only for principles so active in hinging that they even show up in this 'oddball'

The stump picture is 50kb; this whole file is 56kb! (edit 4-24)



Cradle rig, 1 rope pulls as another lowers

edit 4-22:



"Split Face Control"to me is like the binary code to hinge/face machine.  If loaded by tree weight, tree/load must be equated {in pushes / pulls} or {load moves to make up difference of what pushes and pulls don't counterbalance}.  

(original of file below for different view)


Separate face control is more 'in tree' manipulations (smaller size, but more leveraged angles, farther travel on hinge), some felling though.  If only studied for why to make precise faces; because of all the different things you alter if you don't!



This is more after BarberChair one; though face pushes above is the nether land of dutched and not; possibly taming the beast, by letting it build as it does, but also providing relief and even pull to that relief (split faces)