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The pictures drawn below, show how to get more force working on target load.  Though, through a different route than we are used to.  To every effort of pull on the line, there is an equal and opposite effort.  These strategies show how to take that promised E&O effort you exert, and capture it in the mechanics to turn it around and help work on the target load.  The things to watch are how the pulley on opposite side of you than load, recycles the E&O force to a useful direction.  And, how the man '2hands' the rig, in a pattern that places both pulls on load, for 2/1. 

Enlarging Pictures

Click any of the pictures, for a full page view of them.

A) - 3 scenarios, looking at how to generate force on scale.  1st a  man's weight hanging to read 100# on scale. 2&3 exert a 40# hand pull, but get different results; because of pattern of applying the same effort . E) - 4 scenarios of potential climber adjustments, made while pretightening line connected to branch he will cut and rig out.  These 2/1 increase advantages, are only available to the climber position!
B) - Continued from (A); shows that a 3/1; is a 2/1 with pulley added at the base anchor to increase 2/1 up to a 3/1.  Thus proving the #3 drawing in (A) & (B) is possible, though it doesn't seem so; 2 handing works! F) - continued from (E) .  Shows that in a 2/1 rig or a lever, you can calculate the force produced from the man's pull.  But that calculation must be adjusted by the pull on the opposite end of the line/ push of pivot!
C) - Shows how a 2/1 can be gotten from a come-a-long, by placing a pulley on the anchor and recycling the E&O to pull on the targeted load, instead of running away from the job like E&O usually does! G) - Linear efforts are not as powerful as tourqued efforts.  For tourque, use forces of opposite directions, that are not inline.  For maximum, place these at the opposite ends of stiff shape.
D) - 2handing proof; shows that a pulley on the anchor can double force too, not just a pulley on the load H)- Extending theories, to applying tourque, rather than linear responding forces in a hinge.  Kerfing under lean, or any more closed face on lean side, gives forces moving in opposite directions, for tourque.



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