Friction Hitches



As trees are the giants of our Earth, they must feed like no other to maintain themselves let alone grow etc.  Before the tough wooden stalks to lift the green leaves high was invented for trees, plants got ravaged by all beasts for their rich green foods.  This survival strategy of massive wooden spars to protect the green leaves by lifting them up, also made sure that the tree was not the one in the jungle to be light starved!  In this way trees staked their feeding territory for collecting sun as well as territory for protection!  As trees grew together in woods, the massive trunks also bordered the soil garden territory from losing it's mulch stores as well as having the life space compressed out of the guarded garden of underground life processing the soil and dying in it to enrich it.  Tons of dinosaurs or other large predators; rambling through could crush the ground cutting off the air supply in crunching out the life spaces.  for the soil needs to be 50% empty space to be able to hold/transfer air, water, dissolved nutrients; as well as not take too much food energy for a tree root etc. to pierce to get the food/water.  Logically the more efficiently a root can grow through the soil resistance/ per the richness of the soil (as 2 separate compounding elements) the more is left over for growth, repair, storage etc.  Also, the more that trees have to starve and stress just to live; the more that decisions are made on just raw survival, and not strength/qualities etc.

As the largest of the large, these grand giants try to take the largest territory, as shown on View Map