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General Knots

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Animated Knot's by Grog

Scouts 150+ Knots!

Knot Tying Videos

100 Scouting Knots

General Knots Video

40 Scouting Knots

Few Animated Knots

Roper's Knot Index

More Animated Knots

Layman's Knot Page

More Variety

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Exploding/ Slip Knots

Knot Pictures

Roo_Two's Knot's

Kannet Guide

Roo_Two's Specialties

Olde Ship Knots

Double Butterflys


40 Diff. Bowlines!

Boatswain Knots .PDF

MarlinSpike Page

Animated Coast Guard

Tree & Other Climbers

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Tree Hitches Article

Tree Climber's Hitches
Climbing Hitches Article Tree Climber's Hitches II
Samson Arborist Knot Knowledge
Must See Hardware! Bachman's Variations
"Life on a Line" Irish Climbing Page
"Rope Rescue Guide"

Caving Knots Guide

"On Rope" Catalog

Ship and Climbing

CMI Catalog Mountain Climbing
SRT Frog Guide Rope Access Guide
ArborMaster Rigging  
Harness Death Suspension Trauma
Susp. Trauma OSHA Susp. Trauma

Studies and Misc.

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Knot Studies Rope Tensile
Webbing Inspection Tensile Comparisons
Terminations Guide UK Report on Webbing

Layman Knot Strengths

Knot & Splice Strength

Knot Strengths

 Sling, Choker Strengths

Belaying Physics  

Army Rig Manual

Industrial Lifting
Samson Industrial Pulley Lift Guide
  Sailing Tackles Animated
Force Relationships Climber Knots Tested
Rope Grip Theory Tree rope & knot tests

Bowline/ SheetBend


Tensionless Anchor



The Nylon Highway - Goldmine

Fall Factor Calculator

Animated Fishing Knots

Vertical Caving Manua'

Petzyl Technical manual

Olde Seaman's pocket Manual

ISA Knot and Rig

Caving knot tests

HSE Friction Hitch Tests

Technical Rescue tests

Vertical Rescue Knot tests

Dyneema vs. Spectra tests

Qualifying a Rescue Rope

Karabiner Safety in Arboriculture

Rope Access and Positioning in Arboriculture

Cavers test Double Noose/ Scaffold

Friction Hitch and Cord tests

Dynamic Loading

Dynamic Loading -EZ Physics

Industrial Rope Acces

Knot Definitions

Muddy Dragons SRT


1940's SeaManShip for Boys

Folsom's Knot Page


Helsiniki Directory


Sherrill Arborist's Knots

Bauerhaus Boating

















Knot Basics-New ButterFly~Knot
Beginning Knots  
Barrel/ Double Fisherman's Eyes Stopper Knots
Bowline SlideShow DBY SlideShow
DBY Differances Strength Analysis of Knots
Security Comparisons SheetBend Security
Small Changes, Changes Knots 3 Potential Pulley Positions


Pro-Splicer NickAraya@HotMail.Com Compiled this knot site list.  if you want to talk seriously about the ultimate strength knotting-> splicing. There's a lot to learn, and Nick can help there too!  The expansive list leans to the non-decorative; real working class knot strategies:


New! - View Map -Finally, the translators can read the new text and knots the Swiss inventor has been trying to share!

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