Friction Hitches



Trees provide fantastic support for themselves, superior to any other life in Nature.  That is why they are the tallest.  The amount of leveraged forces are immense.  Compounding/multiplying the fantastic height of the tree X it's fantastic weight; giving the potential leverage.  The angle of the lean, giving the amount of that potential leverage achieved.  It is easier for you to hold 30# straight up, or even tilted a bit, than it is to hold the same weight out horizontally from yourself.  This user operated calculator, gives the leverage at any given angle (angles are actually alterable too).

A hinge will be have a maximum strength approximately matching the calculated leverage on the angle it first flexes forward.  In felling especially, that leveraged load increases as the tree tilts forward; as the calculator shows.  So in shallower leans it is more important to force a stronger hinge with line pull or wedge push, for the increased loading is more intense + farther to be traveled on the hinge.  So, the extra force (rope and wedge) would prepare a hinge better for such work, by forcing the hinge stronger, for the more intense loading and longer travel/speed build up forces.

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