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What that we ever come up with is totally original?   



Jump to: Doc Shigo Profile Page- What much of trees would any of us know if not for the pioneering against the accepted knowledgebase of former Chief Scientist for the US Forestry Service; Dr. Alex Shigo, "The Father of Modern Arboriculture"!  That in fact did write the book...

Douglas Dent Profile Page-  Mr. Dent really lit the way for mechanical analysis of all of the forces and leverages on the hinge machine we use in his book; so aptly named: "Professional Timber Falling - a Procedural Approach".

TreeBuzz.Com Pro Climber's Site-  Forum Owners (Trainer Tom Dunlap & Many X's World Climbing Champ Mark Chisholm) offer a climber's, riggers etc. an open forum, including of course contest dates, results, info etc.

ArboristSite.Com All Tree and Chainsaw Folk Site-   All Tree and Chainsaw Folk Site for from climber to logger, pro to amateur,  Chainsaw builder, Chainsaw racer, user etc.

View Map  The Tree Service leader and  benefactor in specialty and ordinary tools, educational materials etc.

View Map Dave Spencer applied his clear thinking and correct  math openly, giving freely system design expertise on the discussion boards mentioned.

WesSpur  Serving Climbing, Safety Gear, other specialties to the tree and plant care industry.


The Price is Right; they say that if you think the price of education is high, try ignorance; well that is especially true, when your life is on the line, and someone will give ya the education FREE!  This is my best of free education of tree care, fascinating rope work, strategies etc.  i can't say which is better, no BS guides!


Doc Shigo on Tree Systems Univ. of Fl. Tree Pruning Site

Biologist Keslick's Links

ISA- TreesAreGood.Com
Warnell School of Forestry Forestry Service-Pruning
Doc Shigo on Soil, Roots, Fungi Mycorrhizal 101
Reforestation with Root Fungi Urban Tree Risk Mgmt.
Tree Planting Guide Wulke's Tree Time Models
  Blue Ridge Tree Care Pics.


Life on a Line Industrial Rope Access Guide
OnRope1 Srt etc. Guides Rope Rescue Guide
CMI Pro Rope Device Guide Samson Arborist Rope Guide
Vertical Rope Devices Guide OSHA Rigging Info

 ~Knot Links~     

Grogno's Animated Knots Knot Knowledge Page
Mountain Knots Page Roper's Knot Page
Layman's Knot Info Page Outdoor Skills Knots
GeoCities Knots GeoCities Specialty Knots
Coast Guard Knots More Animated Knots
Large Boy Scout Knot Site Another Large Scout Site
MarlinSpike Knot Page OK, Even Fishing Knots
Life on a Line E-Book Industrial Rope Access E-Book


OSHA Tree Work Guides UK Ideas for Check List
TCIA Back Issues ChainSaw Courses


 Consulting Arborist- Big JP Sanborn 1-414-379-0442 recommends:

Technical Tree Bio. Dictionary Forestry Logging Glossary
MTL ChainSaw Links Silvics 200 US Trees ID'd
Forestry Dept. Publications Forestry Images Identifier
U. of Conn. Plant Database  



Phil. TreeU,  Serv. & Training MasterBlasterHome.Com, La.
Rhoadies to Redwoods, Oregon  
Barnett Tree , Seattle New England Tree
Better Tree Care-NC Oxman's Arboreally Your's
M.D. Vaden, Oregon Tree Machine Info, In.
Lady Che's DayLilllies Quinn's Political Blog


~Associations & Training~

ISA Pro. Association TCIA Pro. Association
ArborMaster Training Tim Ard Forrest Apps
ACRT Training Institute  


Tree Climbing .Com ArborQuest
Tree Climbing USA Dancing With Trees


~Recommended to Buy~

View Virtual Tour  

{"Tree Basics" Picture Book by (of course) Dr. Alex Shigo $8, free catalog with tips isn't a bad deal either!}

Adding to the Sherrill List:

Fund. of General Tree Work Dent's- Pro Timber Falling $15
ACRT Student Guide High Angle Rescue Technique
Ashley book of Knots-Disc, $45 Naval Insitute-Art of Knotting & Splicing ($10 used)