Friction Hitches

2004 Lakeland, Florida  Hurricanes- TheTreeSpyder


The same scenario over and over....  The Florida Hurricanes of 2004 left a virtual textbook series of tree failures due to Over Watered Trees and Included Bark.   These 2 as predicted suburban tree failures; laid in wait to fail all at different times.  The hurricanes, just made them all fail at once; thinning the herd of the weak and frail!  It looked like a war zone here; the only good that could be rendered, was this education; of the text book theories; in action and reminder.  Hopefully this succession of photos will take people there, show the seriousness of these principles.  Over Watered Trees and Included Bark; constituted at least 80% of the failures, many of them preventable.  Don't let this be your yard!

The canopy and it's underside, should deliver the rainwater wide, where roots have to really reach to get the water.  A diagram of these functions is at bottom of page.  The small roots wouldn't be able to capture all the water, so the roots would also have to go deep also.  Altering the canopy can deliver the water closer to the trunk, where roots are bigger and don't have to reach wide or deep to get water.  This removes leverage and holding power respectively from the roots as tree support.

Watering underneath a tree canopy is therefore not preferred, and happens often with lawns.  Grass and trees don't go together; the water and fertilizer for grass, throws tree systems off.  Trees are supposed to be the largest king of the woods, with nothing under the it's canopy that defines the proud king's territory.  Canopy Functions Page.


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Roots only 6" or less deep!

Green-Green Grass is over watered and not good for trees.

Ripped up like thin layer of carpet

Easily ripped up, shallow roots

Handy Home Owner!

Over Watered, reduced canapy

Shallow, shallow rooting in watered lawn

Over Watered Golf Course


Green Grass, and shallow tree root failure

Over Trimmed Canapy, and Over Watered

Small Ball of Roots, from Over Trim and Over Water

Over Trimmed and Over Watered

Over Trimmed and Over Watered

Over Watered, Green-Green Grass

Over Watered Root Failure

Over Watered and Reduced Canapy

Over Trimmed and Over Watered

Over Trimmed and Over Watered= Small Root Ball

tree grown in watered flower bed and grass, took sprinkler system out that killed it!

Small canapy and overwatered

Green Grass, Small Canapy

Tip over, Green-Green Grass, short roots

Row of tree failures on fence line by retention pond that would flood

See how shallow roots are?

Shallow roots, were barely below overwatered lawn

Shallow Root Plate

shallow tip over

Roots and turf lifted out of here, hardly any change in depth!

Ripped up fence

High Lift when Shallow Roots released

Shallow root raising in Green-Green Grass

Green-Green Grass and Trees, don't go along together

Only water came close to trunk

Slam into the house!

Super green lawn results

Beautiful tree tipped over in overgree lawn

very little folding resistance from shallow roots on back side of fall

very shallow root tip over

Water filled hole in overwatered lawn