Friction Hitches





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A single tree not in it's native woods, still reaches for all available light, forming the same cap over the biosphere the tree sets off as it's territory.  This gives it the most area to collect air and light, and protects the most ground for this it's other resource center.  The lower massive weight harder to move by the wind; the low wide set limbs giving low, wide stability, sometimes even stabilizing more by touching the ground far out from themselves!  The tree tends a sea of soil life who's living actions permeate and process the soil's biomass to higher usefulness to the tree by processing soil elements to usability for plants by bacteria, as well as increasing the soil's permeability/ease at which plants can get at these nutrient's.  Then these 1000's of microorganisms in rich soil also richen the soil continuously by their dying in a constant sea of life.

A cup of soil can contain miles of microscopic fungi filaments all through it, and 100 million bacteria, algaes, crawlies etc., and half of it is air/life space for air, water, and life movements.  For the trees guard zealously this zone with low limbs alone, when trunks cannot be lined up!  Even if the line of branches, or trunks get damaged or killed, they still vigilantly stand and guard the garden as they can for all others of their kind still alive.

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