Friction Hitches

Are positive mechanical stops, catches in knotting


overhand stopper.jpg  fig8 stopper.jpg stevedore.jpg

  slipped.jpg  low strain stopper.jpg

A stopper knot is put in the end of a line, to form a positive mechanical stop against the tail pulling through.  A constrictor, Yosemite tie off on a bowline etc. achieve this by sitting on their own tail, after a secure knot is made.  This is serious stuff, failsafe should always have at least 2 independently operating security systems to maintain positive check.  My G.I. Jane Math: "Your going to war, always have a backup.....2 is 1 and 1 is None!".  Lock your open hitchings, especially on the open lifeline systems!!

Knots are pictured loose, always Tie, Dress, Set (and Inspect) your knot lacings.  View Map

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