Friction Hitches


Any tattered cuts don't seal well as with our own selves, but also, exactly where to make the cut, can make all of the difference in the world.  Tree climbing spikes make disrupted wounds that can take longer to seal off, than clean wounds many times the size of the spike wounds.   Also, the amount of cutting, and parts of the tree that are taken, can affect the tree system, by the amount and function of the parts of the tree taken; there really are no extra parts in a design of minimal effort/maximum efficiency by Nature...

We don't want to 'De-Nature' a tree or it's soil biomass it clings to by doing too much devastation to the systems of life. We should understand how topping, disturbing the branchcollar, massive soil compression etc. directly set the tree systems against itself, by hitting these wrong 'triggers' that invoke too much fighting or inability too fight at all to correct by the tree systems.   These things that turn the tree more to survival mode, rather than strong calculated growth mode, are very backwards for the desired results.  Any real disturbance (amputating limbs etc.); rightfully causes tree response and invokes more 'work' from a tree.  Some things are worse to do than others, some we seem to get by with in moderation, for the trees are adaptable; but for millions of years, have adapted to being left alone!  So, informed decisions are needed, that give desired effect, with minimal negative effect in the balance.  Experience, biology and respect; seeming to be the best teachers in this arena!

"We can learn more from Nature, than ever teach her!"


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