Friction Hitches


~The King should have 2 Crowns!~

Trees as the largest, toughest and longest lived, are the kings in many jungles; so much so as to deserve 2 crowns.  1 to top all the tree that we can see (don't top trees!), 1 to top all the tree does that we can't see.  The Root Crown is jointing, transitional change where the massive stalk connects to the root base.  All 3 points (stalk, crown, root) being individually important to the support of the massive construction of the tree, and power it takes to stay upright.  Like many joints of different kinds of systems; a Root Crown has it's own weaknesses etc.; because of specialized joining the 2 separate worlds, let alone at a leveraged angle.  The Root Crown biology more mimics the stalk/trunk's needs, as both are above ground tissue specifically.  The Trunk and Root Crown are constructed of A) small vessels, B) with a central pith, C) with distinctive growth increments, D) Low Starch inside; but E) some green Chlorophyll in bark cortex.  The Roots are constructed the exact opposite of the noted points.  From the first birth of their cells: Root vs. Trunk and Crown areas have very different construction and needs.  Root Crowns should not be buried, for buried Root Crowns promote ill health, disease; and further more are not inspectable by people for stability and early warning signs to the root structure failing; while making it more prone to failure at the same time.

Root Crowns need to be exposed and 'breathe', yet are close to ground where they can get covered.  The Natural ramping of the Root Crown design, will deliver mulch away from the trunk properly.  This is another area were people should change their perception of beauty in a tree.   And want to see the structure that holds the tree to the ground, that the tree clings to so hard to feed.  All at once that is part of the tree's story, and what it needs!  "Volcano Mulch" is a bad joke.  Usually it consists of putting the badly needed mulch the only place it doesn't go- on the Root Crown; and then too deep.  Our view to thrive by visually detailed clean; is not the same as the tree's view to survive by balanced mechanics and biology; the venerable trees really the wiser.  Especially in their own context of largest job is support of their massiveness; more than any other life form!

The specialized Tree Crowns should never be struck with weedeater machine or any other.  In fact, grass shouldn't be under the tree's canopy.  The introduction upsetting the natural competitions with enough excess water, light and seed to grow grass under canopy is usually comes indirectly from altering the Canopy Functions by us, or directly by seed and water delivery through direct application using other of our devices.  Mulch should be there instead of grass to the ideals of recycling nutrition and Soil Protection


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Friction Hitches

Natural Beauty

Gripping at Earth to Feed thru protective mulch

Inspectable Support if Root Crown can be seen

All growth is responsive action; so developped regions show were the loading is!

And thereby the needed support is given/grown

Huge Root Crown root butresses form on the compression side of weight bearing, for massive support





Friction Hitches


Volcano Mulch- a Bad Joke!

The only place mulch doesn't go!

Invites weakness and disease; hides some faults below that we create!!

So, we Drown it in plenty!!

With more mulch than other areas could take anyway!!!

Poor Tree can't even escape!

Because trees have Root Crowns; how much of tree is buried here that Biologically shouldn't be?