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From the TreeBuzz Forum; check these Articles out by Mark Adams:

ARBORIST NEWS - APRIL 2005 - Son of a Hitch: A Genealogy of Arborists' Climbing Hitches

Presented for professional discussion only.  Some knots are pictured loose for better view, always Tie, Dress, Set (and Inspect) your knot lacings.

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The strategies would only hold 1/2 the weight of the climber in the common DdRT (Doubled Rope Technique) of a  2/1 Retrieveable Tree Climber Tie in not the full weight bearing strategies of SRT (Single Rope Technique) etc. more familiar to mountain/rescue, some advanced tree climbers.  Tau(gh)t Line is what most start off on, Blake's a real advancement.  Distel (some Schwab) usually the crossover to attaching both legs of friction hitch to saddle, can be made in the 1/2" as well as the smaller diameter 'tress cords'.  VT and tuned variation to taste, the undoubted favorite, once 'tuned' both of hitch and operator!  Icicle, in the pictured Bright Yellow Tenex is very tryable, a loopie sling laced as Klem fair for utility purposes, grips both ways as it becomes a 4 wrap Heden pulled backwards (whereby a Heden pulled backwards can slide as it is only half a Klem)!







Vallard Tresse

Prusik-4 Coil

Prusik-6 Coil



The Taut line, is like a 2/2 (2 over 2) clove hitch, that walks like a clove, and must have a stopper knot.

A Blake's Hitch, is a 4 coil list; the bottom 2 coils disturbed by the tail that must go to the opposite side of the host line, than other tail occupies.

A Distel, is similar to Blake's, in that it is a 4/1 clove; much nicer ride though, as it introduces pulling the friction tail from both ends.

A Schwab, is similar to a Distel, in that it is a 4/1, but is more of a 'Prusik' lacing in that, the bottom tail is reversed, so that both tails serve out the same side like a Prusik, unlike a Clove.

A Knut, introduces knots that are 'self tending', they will help 'push' themselves tighter without 2 hands or other device.

A TK Hitch is similar to a Knut as it performs the self tending action too; and consists of a marl insted of a half hitch for the tending ring.

The Icicle, gives self tending too, and is deceptively easy to make.

A VT, has a 4 coil 'cap', then finishes twirling 'braids' around the host line, to give previous friction by bend, rather than choking coil!

A 4 Coil Prusik; is like choking a rope sling around the host line 2x, for a very, simple and positive 'double choke).

A 6 Coil Prusik, is similar to a 4 coil, but 'Triple Death Chokes' the host line!

A Klemheist wraps a double line around in it's 4 coils, and the tails come off the bottom of the coil list, go up and go through the bight serving off top of coils, hanging down in 'pendulum on the side.

A Hedden brings the tails off the top, through the eye of the bight serving from bottom of fewer coils than 'Klem.'.  (So, the tails don't "K" bend, but run straight?)



Knut, Icicle, and some VT versions with Knut like finish to VT, also have some self tending properties, even smoother when assisted with knot tender to serve hitch forward with one handed pull advancing up or back from limb walk etc.

Barrel Eyelet   Many use 'cords' recommended by one writer on the discussion boards  (Brian)instead of the pictured yellow tenex for the advanced friction hitches.  View Virtual TourThough, the real cartoon character to watch fer, is one that goes by "MasterBlaster"  master blaster.gif!  Moderator JP recommended a deal on 3/8 Tenex @ .33/ft.


Guys on boards are serious about safety, heck ask that MikeMaas Character about this one : Download File

So much to pick up on the boards, the folks just have to have a good time with it, to keep going...  So if your climbing or thinking about it, wondering about it etc. yea can't do better than the forums to let ya know what is up... or where to look, what's new etc.

Thanks to X-Man and discussion forums for how to continually find better ways for safe sliding/gripping hitches etc.that constantly improve safety, productivity and fun!!

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Friction Hitch Examination   View Map

More Knots:

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View Map -Finally, the translators can read the new text and knots the Swiss inventor has been trying to share(click 'technica' jump word)!

           as well as others on our  :         View Virtual Tour  

  2 of the Best Ever General Knot Books on Sale:

Ashley Book of Knots-disc. $45    View Virtual Tour(used $10)







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