Friction Hitches

People's understanding of trees and their systems is so distorted.  We take all the mulch area away that trees desperately need.   Even though, wherever trees wander, that essential mulch territory; is the only thing they take with them; wherever they go.  Then almost in mockery,  we take a tree and territory over and may throw a small patch of mulch down against the trunk.  The only place; the mulch doesn't go, then do it too deep!  Like we sense the mulch goes there somehow; but miss the target.  The mulch is an essential territory of, barrier, protection, environment stabilizer, refuse disposal, garden etc. in a breathable layer for the roots and ground.  This familiar territory is essential to maintaining low stress in the magic of supporting and maintaining the longest lived, largest and tallest of any life born ever; for that is a big job!.  Many things done to trees; that really, are like we've caged them proudly, tightly into our world, rather than letting them live in theirs.  Placing starved for mulch, too deep, the only place it doesn't go is just one example of that misunderstanding of their simple and essential mechanisms to be the wonder to live so long, and so large; but only in a land of plenty...

As always the ideas that it doesn't matter how we abuse etc., shine not to be true.  In that the ground element is once again very important, and in fact has 2 areas of consideration.  Against the trunk soil height should never be changed, microscopically by design trunk tissue is distinctly different from even top woody root tissue.  The second area of consideration, is the ground area over roots, not against trunk; this tissue can as said take soil and mulch covering. but only minimally, as the roots, and all of the life conditioning and feeding soil for roots.

Trees evolved in groups, and their line of spars would bar out or limit larger animals walking all over soil sea garden.  Small patches could become compressed, and the mychorhizae would carry the rich nutrients from the more uncompressed gardens in the forest system to the less fortunate trees with compressed soil sea gardens; not working and feeding the tree as efficiently.  but, this would not of course make up for the lack of microscopic burrowing activity to condition soil to more permeability and holding of more life space/air spaces in the soil 'biomass'.


From the Sherrill Book list on the View Virtual Tour ; the thin 8x10 picture book "Tree Basics" by Dr. Alex Shigo.

Micro. Root & Trunk Comparison