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Servicing Trees has been a fascinating venture

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 TrimmingAny cut into green wood is a compromise to a tree, so once the decision to do so has been made, the damage logically should be minimal.  A lot of old techniques of wearing climbing spikes, topping, painting, leaving stobs, ripping branch collars, heavy equipment run right up to trunk etc. have turned out to be totally 180 degrees from the now understood biology of a living thing, not a dead block of wood...        

 Tree Nature -Trees are the largest living organisms on the planet ever.  To understand their functions, it is best to more honestly personify them , rather than let the images of our more likely familiarity with wood as a dead thing we pound nails into rule our decisions!           ~"We can learn more from Nature, than ever teach her!"~

SoilSoil too is best realized as dynamic living element, and encouraged to be a rich sea of life processing and permeating the soil medium for less soil resistance to grow against, and richer nutrient return for any growth at the same time.  So good soil is good in both of these separate, but compounding ways; both of these are elements are determined by the soil's permeability.  This is why gardens are tilled etc.

KnotsThe world of fascinating knots, rope strategies etc. for safely taking command climbing, working and rigging units of a tree by professionals.  Some simpler things that securely take command, and knots and principles to be used by almost anyone